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Lard girl goes forth…

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There comes a time in every girl’s life when she has a terrible moment of being ‘self aware’, like some A.I. computer realising it is just a box of flashing lights & will never go, say, water–skiing or make paper aeroplanes or do any of the physical things in life…. For a girl, this moment of self-awareness is usually the dawning that she may just be a little bit fat, or even worse that…she may just be Lard Girl.

I remember my moment of being self – aware, it is very clear to me, and it happened on Fleetwood High Street.  A strange and rather bog-standard place for an epiphany, but these things tends to spring up on you when you’re not looking. (Because, let’s face it, if you knew it was coming you’d probably run away as fast as your … Read More »

Helen Thompson – my story

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Age – 36
Pre baby weight – 9.5 stone / size 10
Top weight – 14.5 stone / size 16-18
Total weight lost – 5 stone

I had always struggled with my weight and had tried every diet in the book, with little success. I had my first son 5 years ago and I put on 4 stone. It took so much time and hard work for me to get my weight down again.

I then had my second child two years ago and a year on, was still 5 stone more than i had been pre-pregnancies. I was feeling pretty down on myself and out of control of my body. My energy levels were at an all time low and my skin and hair looked dull and lifeless. I didn’t want to continue following diets that would see my weight continue to fluctuate. I … Read More »

Harry Redsox – man vs tin

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Scourged by the run-in to Christmas, laid low by the festival itself, raddled by New Year and polished off by a series of birthday parties, I decided to pay my penance and do a seven-day diet detox programme.

Here’s what it was like for me to submit to the Lemon Detox Diet.

I am eyeing the one-litre tin of Natural Tree Syrup with trepidation. In turn it seems to be looking at me with disdain as though it reckons it already has the better of my innards.

This is High Noon. One of us catches the train out…the other finishes six feet under.

The tin and me. We’re going to settle it once and for all. We are going to detox to the finish.

DAY BEFORE DAY ONE: Screw cap off the tin. Think hard about exactly what I am letting myself in for the … Read More »

Wise words from a Reiki master

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Barbara Occleshaw – Reiki Master


To rid the body of accumulated impurities, to increase energy and vitality, improve digestion, normalise weight, improve metabolism, hair, skin, nails, teeth; to fortify will power and improve clarity of thought; to change old, ingrained patterns both physical, mental and emotional. There are many benefits to be gained from a cleansing programme. The longer the programme, the more likely the benefits are to be permanent.

Recently, I have done the 10 day version of the Lemon Detox Diet and found all these benefits and more. No solid food for the duration, but still able to continue with a busy lifestyle? Yes – and more energy to spare even to enjoy a five hour dance session on day 9. Not being tempted by the wonderful food on display at lunchtime either.

The Madal Bal Natural Tree … Read More »