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Barbara Occleshaw – Reiki Master


To rid the body of accumulated impurities, to increase energy and vitality, improve digestion, normalise weight, improve metabolism, hair, skin, nails, teeth; to fortify will power and improve clarity of thought; to change old, ingrained patterns both physical, mental and emotional. There are many benefits to be gained from a cleansing programme. The longer the programme, the more likely the benefits are to be permanent.

Recently, I have done the 10 day version of the Lemon Detox Diet and found all these benefits and more. No solid food for the duration, but still able to continue with a busy lifestyle? Yes – and more energy to spare even to enjoy a five hour dance session on day 9. Not being tempted by the wonderful food on display at lunchtime either.

The Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, used in the lemon detox is a blend of maple and palm syrups, hand produced, from the last flow of the trees and containing a perfect balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals when mixed with fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper and spring water. This is drunk continuously either hot or cold, throughout the fast, as much as you want. Also included are water, laxative tea, peppermint tea and citrus juices as desired. The blend is ayurvedically correct, being balancing for each dosha type. The body cleanses and heals itself whilst resting from solid food.

For myself the negative effects were minimal, a slightly fuzzy head and tongue for a couple of days. If your diet and lifestyle, however, are less than sattvic you could expect stronger symptoms. Within 3 days all my joint pains had vanished and I felt lighter, brighter and more energised than I have been for ages. I can fully recommend the lemon detox whether you choose the total detox programme or one of the more relaxed versions. I decided I needed drastic and so went for the full challenge.

When to detox? Spring is best but any time during the year when the moon is waning [after the full moon]. Do choose a time when you can be kind to yourself and take off a few days if possible. It’s not really necessary to retreat from normal life unless you want to, but if you make such a big commitment to yourself, you deserve to take all the advantages you can.

Barbara Occleshaw

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