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[gn_quote style="2"]“I have tested it myself and am now introducing it in practice. I can vouch that it tastes good, is easy to sustain over 5-10 days, gives a rapid detox, and is suitable for a wide variety of patients.”[/gn_quote] Dr. Janine Leach BSc PhD ND DO HonMFPHM Naturopath. Former President of the British Naturopathic Society Wallington, Surrey. Tel: 020 8773 1106 Email: leach_janine@hotmail.com You can also see an article written by Dr. Janine Leach in Positive Health magazine
[gn_quote style="2"]“The healing properties of this particular product and programme, called the Lemon Detox, are quite phenomenal in more ways than one. To use it is a cleanser will not only cleanse the toxicity in the body but will give one an increased energy and vitality, a beautiful skin and a better digestion.”[/gn_quote] Prof. Jan de Vries DSc., N.D. Naturopath - Honorary Professor of Complementary Medicine at Edinburgh's Queen Margaret University College - The James Henry Cook Award for his outstanding contribution to natural health http://www.jandevrieshealth.co.uk/
[gn_quote style="2"]“The Lemon Detox is a highly effective naturopathic detox package that helps the body cleanse itself naturally of toxins.”[/gn_quote] Amanda Griggs Nutritionist, The Balance Clinic The Courtyard, King's Road, Chelsea, London 020 7565 0333 http://www.balancetheclinic.com/
[gn_quote style="2"]“The lemon detox diet is totally natural and absolutely wonderful. We obtain great results with our patients.”[/gn_quote] Liz Cunningham Mar.CH Naturopathic Iridologist. Registered Colon Hydrotherapist. Naturopathic Nutritionist Graham Cunningham Mar.CH.Hyp.Dip Colon Hydrotherapist. Therapeutic Hypnotherapist. Clinical Reflexologist. Naturopathic Iridologist. Otley Natural Health Clinic, 1-9 Market Street, Otley LS21 3AQ Tel: 01943 465 333 Email: info@otleynaturalhealth.co.uk Web: www.otleynaturalhealth.co.uk
[gn_quote style="2"]“Even using the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup as a meal replacement once a day can support a healthy and steady weight loss regime at the same time, one gains consistent energy levels to face life's demands. This works well combined with homoeopathy for full optimisation of one's health.”[/gn_quote] Ms Elizabeth Adalian R.S.Hom Homoeopathy (teacher and clinician) The Hillside Practice, 1, Hillside, Highgate Rd, London NW5 Tel: 020 7482 3293
[gn_quote style="2"]“One thing which really impresses me about the Lemon Detox diet is that energy levels remain high, so you can continue with normal leisure and work activities.”[/gn_quote] Mr. Ian Barret BSc. ND . DO. MRN MAO Naturopath, Holistic Health Consultant Maidwell, Northampton Tel: 01604 686678 Email: ianddbarrett@tinywold.co.uk
[gn_quote style="2"]“I find the lemon detox diet very useful for women wanting to conceive; many people change their diet when they are actually pregnant. So much better to be prepared for pregnancy.”[/gn_quote] Ms Emma Cannon Pre-natal care, pregnancy, women’s health, acupuncture Westwood House, Earlsfield Rd, London SW18. Tel: 0208 8771877
[gn_quote style="2"]“Very useful to kickstart dietary changes that can be permanently incorporated in lifestyle. Good way of eliminating toxins and habits, makes healing easier, giving energy to the liver, in a society ripe with liver and adrenal toxins and suppressants (stimulants!)”[/gn_quote] Mr. Trevor Gunn BSc (Hons) LCH RSHom Homoeopathy Tel: 01273 739606
[gn_quote style="2"]“One of the best Detox Diets around. The results are excellent and long lasting. I have now started to incorporate this programme into my clinic.”[/gn_quote] Ms Marcia Harewood ND MRN DO MH DNI Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology Lavender Hill, Battersea, London SW11 Tel: 0207 498 9966 Email: marcia.harewood@virgin.net
[gn_quote style="2"]“I used the Natural Tree Syrup firstly for myself and was so pleased with the results that I now recommend it to my clients. It achieves profound results physically, emotionally and spiritually and the body deeply cleanses itself of accumulated toxins.”[/gn_quote] Ms Carol Melling Reiki Master and Teacher, Kunkalini Yoga Teacher, Healing Sound Therapist Dharam Kaur Centre, Lancs. Tel: 01524 855717 Email: carolreiki@ukonline.co.uk
[gn_quote style="2"]“Excellent to use for detox and fasting especially helpful where people have busy lifestyles and have little time for juice fasting. Also very helpful in retraining eating patterns to combat overeating.”[/gn_quote] Ms Jaine Kirtley MRN RN Registered Naturopath, Registered Nurse Broadstairs, Kent. Tel: 01843 866075 Email: jaine.kirtley@health-naturopathy.co.uk Web: www.health-naturopathy.co.uk
[gn_quote style="2"]“Can't recommend it highly enough. I use it to fast / detox before giving Reiki attainments. Best hot!”[/gn_quote] Barbara M. Occleshaw Craniosacral balancing, Reiki Master, Yoga Waen Isa, Llanbedr-y-Cennin,Rowen,Conwy. Tel: 01492 660754
[gn_quote style="2"]“The main objective of our preconceptional programme is to renew the adipose tissues of the body, in order to reduce the amount of all sorts of fat soluble synthetic chemicals such as PCBs and dioxins. During a week-end there is no other food available than a specially designed cocktail made from Natural Tree Syrup (a mixture of maple syrup, palm tree syrup) and lemon juice. Cayenne pepper is added after dilution (a way to slightly increase the body temperature). The cocktail can be consumed at any time without any restriction. Its mineral content is exceptionally rich. The ratio of zinc to manganese to iron is ideal (in the region of 5:2:1). The ratio of calcium to magnesium is around 2.5 to 1 and the ratio of potassium to sodium around 10 to 1. The lemon juice represents the main source of natural vitamin C.”[/gn_quote] Dr. Michel Odent Obstetrician Primal Health Research Centre, Severnake Rd, London NW3 Tel: 020 7485 0095 Email: Modent@aol.com
[gn_quote style="2"]“I specialise in fertility and pre-conception and the Lemon Detox regime together with homeopathic treatment can have spectacular results! A superb natural cocktail of vitamin C, essential minerals and trace-elements it is much more pleasant and effective than swallowing pills.”[/gn_quote] Mrs Eleana Needham BSc(Hons) DBA MLCHom MARH Dispensing Homeopath, lecturer & author Banstead, Surrey. Tel: 01737 352351 Email: eleana@thehealingpond.com Web: www.thehealingpond.com
[gn_quote style="2"]“I recommend the Lemon Detox Diet to clients as a highly effective, adaptable and safe method of fasting.”[/gn_quote] Mrs. Penny Scrivener BANT ECNP Nutritional Therapy, Bicom bio-rsonance, and scenar Tewkesbury, Glocestershire. Tel: 01684 291107 Email: P7scriv@aol.com
[gn_quote style="2"]“A safe, natural and effective way to detox and control weight. Great for busy working lives.”[/gn_quote] Mrs Allison Walker MIIR (Regd) MAR ART (Regd) Reflexology with holistic health advice The Marjorie Centre for Complementary Health, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. Tel: 07990 521524
[gn_quote style="2"]“The Lemon Detox Diet is the ideal "spring- clean" because you can adapt it to your own needs. It is surprisingly refreshing and you don't feel deprived at all! I thoroughly recommend it once or twice a year.”[/gn_quote] Martina Watts BA (Hons) Dip ION Clinical nutritionist (adults & children with digestive immune disorders) The Crescent Clinic, 37 Vernon Terrace, Brighton Tel: 01273 202221 Email: martina@thehealthbank.co.uk
[gn_quote style="2"]“Personally I have used the syrup for the detox diet several times and recommend it to my patients.”[/gn_quote] Dr Jeffrey McTavish Chiropractor Worthing, West Sussex. Tel: 07867 797363 Email: docjeffreyuk@hotmail.com
[gn_quote style="2"]“I was amazed at the effectiveness of the diet and its simplicity makes it easy to do when travelling away from home. I found the drinks were very satisfying, I didn't feel hungry or weak at all and was able to carry on with work and activities as usual. I have recommended it to many colleagues and patients.”[/gn_quote] Mrs Jill Carter Sutton Montis, Yeovil, Somerset. Tel:01963 220449 Email: jmc@carter7.demon.co.uk
[gn_quote style="2"]“I enjoyed doing the detox and felt satisfied - not hungry at all (surprisingly!) . Slight detox symptoms on third evening. Lost 6lbs . Will be actively recommending it to colleagues and clients.”[/gn_quote] Ms Jayne Walker Aromatherapy. Kinesiology. Bowen technique. Allergy/food intolerance Gatehead, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. Tel: 01563 851144 Email: jaywalk@mid-fairlie.freeserve.co.uk
[gn_quote style="2"]“A comfortable way of detoxifying.”[/gn_quote] Dr Tom Greenfield Blood group diet, Fasting, Cranial Osteopathic Treatment Spring Gardens Clinic, Simmonds Road, Canterbury Tel: 01227 761000 Web: www.nature-cure.co.uk
[gn_quote style="2"]“I found this product excellent for myself and have recommended it to patients who I thought would benefit from it… very ‘do-able’ and extremely beneficial.”[/gn_quote] Ms Grania Stewart-Smith D.O Osteopath, Brioresonance Practitioner Grove End Road, London NW8. Tel: 0207 2862615 Email: Grania@stewart-smith.fsnet.co.uk
[gn_quote style="2"]“After testing the tasty detox syrup myself I felt great, dropped a dress size and have more energy. Now I am introducing it as part of my detox workshops and recommending it to clients.”[/gn_quote] Debbie Fraser BSc BWY dip.PGCE Yoga teacher, yoga therapist, detox workshops, reiki practitioner, thermal Auricular Therapist, Indian Head Massage Preston, Lancs. Tel: 07940 594374 Email: debbie@prestonyogagroup.com
[gn_quote style="2"]“Wonderful & energising”[/gn_quote] Mr Paul Lefever Complementary Therapy Adviser at the Natural Therapy Centre plus teaching insight meditation The Natural Therapy Centre, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Tel: 01553 777133 / 763 119 Email: paul@wmng.org.uk Carole Hough Bowen Technique Practitioner 2 Hough Cottages, Hough Lane, Cogshall, Comberbach CW9 6AN. Tel: 01606 75722, Mbl: 07798 606817