Helen Thompson – my story

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Age – 36
Pre baby weight – 9.5 stone / size 10
Top weight – 14.5 stone / size 16-18
Total weight lost – 5 stone

I had always struggled with my weight and had tried every diet in the book, with little success. I had my first son 5 years ago and I put on 4 stone. It took so much time and hard work for me to get my weight down again.

helen-thompson-before-detox-picI then had my second child two years ago and a year on, was still 5 stone more than i had been pre-pregnancies. I was feeling pretty down on myself and out of control of my body. My energy levels were at an all time low and my skin and hair looked dull and lifeless. I didn’t want to continue following diets that would see my weight continue to fluctuate. I needed something radical that would provide a long-term solution.

By the end of last year, I felt so bad, I decided to kick-start the New Year with a detox. I decided to try the Lemon Detox – a programme that I knew was meant to address all of the issues I was struggling with. I decided to follow a fast for 3 days to kick-start the cleansing process, followed by the relaxed version where you eat a healthy meal each day and substitute the remaining meals with the nutrient rich detox formula.

While the programme was still tough, the results were immediate and significant. As well as seeing the pounds melt away, I began to feel more invigorated than I had in years.

After a total of 3 weeks detoxing, I can honestly say at that point that I had never felt better. I became acutely aware of what I was putting into my body – something I realised was a major plus. With a toddler and a baby, it was easy to snack on the go.

Helen afterAfter my detox, everything changed. My dietary habits have become much healthier and I started military training twice a week. Over the last year I have lost all of the additional weight I had gained from my pregnancies – a total of 5 stone in all. The detox totally transformed my life. My skin and hair are brighter, my energy is boundless and I feel on top of the world.

I have just started a new business called The Nursery Paint Company, which is going strong. I can honestly say I would never have had the energy to put into my new business a few years ago as I do now. I still follow the Lemon Detox if i feel under the weather or if I feel the weight starting to creep back. I just do a 3-day fast or a 5 day programme where I substitute my evening meal and it gets me back on track to healthy living. It’s helped me to re-progamme my whole lifestyle and I will always be grateful for that.”

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