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    Hello, I am currently doing the 5 day detox and i’m on day 2. I have read that you should normally have a minimum of 7 drinks per day, however I have been working from home and noticed that my intake is approx 3 drinks. I don’t usually eat a huge amount and when I work from home I naturally eat less than in the office anyway.
    Is the minimum set to ensure you get all your nutrients in a day or is it just dependant on how hungry your body is?
    I want to do this the healthiest way possible.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Lemon Detox

    Hi Joe, each drink is normally about 100 cal depending on how you mix it, so good to have around 6-7 drinks per day. Also important to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. I’m not a practitioner so this isn’t medical advice – just my experience having done this many times.

    Also you can make it with hot water, which can be nice. And vary it by adding a pinch of cayenne pepper one day, and ginger the next…

    Hope this helps

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      Lemon Detox

      Thanks Levi.The more people can share their thoughts and experiences, the better.

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