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    I am planning to begin this detox later in the week. starting with a day and possibly two if goes well. I normally swim around 80 laps each morning though and
    think i should not do so while i am not eating? Can someone advise please.

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    Lemon Detox

    Everyone is different, so always best to get advice from your GP or health practitioner if you have any queries that could affect your health.

    It’s fairly normal for people to do light exercise whist doing a detox (remember one persons definition of light exercise may be very different to another’s), but it seems sensible to avoid pushing yourself too much. You will have restricted calories therefore restricted energy. I’m not a health adviser, but this seems to make sense.

    Goes without saying that if you are doing exercise whilst detoxing and begin to feel light-headed then you should stop the exercise and take a break.

    Hope this helps. Stay in touch…

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    Elizabeth Jones

    Exercise is not enough you have to follow proper diet plan also.

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    Hey there, its normal to perform a little bit of exercise while you doing a detox but avoid doing exercise like swimming in which you have to push yourselves too much. If you want to continue doing swimming, then you need to take a proper diet. There are many food guide available which is a nutritional guide of healthy and delicious recipes. You can try these kind of diet or seek advice from your health practitioner.

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