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    Lemon Detox

    Am just about to start – anyone got any advice?

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    The lemon detox is great as you get your 500 calories for the day.

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    How many drinks do I need each day to make 500 calories?

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      Lemon Detox

      each drink is about 100 calories – so it’s perfect
      such an easy way to do it

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    I have incorporated the Lemon Detox into the 5:2 regime where i drink the Madal Bal formula for 2 days a week to achieve some or all of my 500 cals as it’s really easy… I wondered if anyone could tell me how long they think i can do this for? Is there a recommended timeframe?

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      Hey Sophie, think the great thing about the 5:2 is it’s a lifestyle thing – try and build it into your daily/weekly routine. So not sure there really is a timeframe (start with a month and see how you go…). Using the Lemon Detox is a great way of supporting your fasting days – makes life a lot easier – just mix up your drink and you’re done for the day…

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    Hi there

    This is really good to know… I love using the Lemon Detox as part of the 4:3 regime (eat for 4 days, fast for 3). I am drinking the Lemon Detox syrup for lunch and dinner on my fasting days and having a small meal in the evening. I love the flexibility of it and i feel really energised. One thing to ask – the formula is quite sweet … Is it natural sugar that makes up the calories? Is this good sugar? (there’s a lot in the media at the moment about cutting out sugar from our diets but i’m figuring natural sugar is probably okay?)

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      Hey Sarah – providing you’re using the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup then yes it’s is all natural sugars (as opposed to using cheap regular processed maple syrup, which has zero nutritional value). Madal Bal has high levels of zinc and manganese, which they say is good for managing blood sugar management.

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    I’m loving the Lemon Detox. It’s really helped me lose weight and i feel so good compared to last year when i was worn out… It’s really helped my clarity too. Good job!

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      Great to hear Noel – is this something you’ve just started doing, or do you do the Lemon Detox regularly?

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    Hello, I am about to embark on this detox for the first time tomorrow (doing the 5 day fast) and I am hoping to turn this into a lifestyle rather than a one off cleanse. Is there a limit on how many you should do in a year?
    I think lifestyle permitting I’m realistically going to be able to do a full 5 day cleanse once every 3 months or I could try the 5:2 once a week?
    If anyone has any advice on this it would be great!

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    Hi Jane

    I have been following the detox as part of the 5:2 diet and for me, it’s been really effective. I am an events manager so my schedule is all over the place, which makes it much harder to work out a regular food plan.

    I love the flexibility of the 5:2 regime and the convenience of being able to get my calories from the Lemon Detox drink. It really makes it much easier to follow, ie if I;m on the road I just take a flask of the syrup (this is around 200 calories) to substitute my breakfast and lunch. This means i can eat up to 300 calories in food when i get home for my evening meal. And if i have an evening event, i can have a light lunch and substitute my breakfast and dinner with the syrup instead. It’s so easy and versatile, it’s brilliant! Hope this helps…

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    Yes, thank you very much Sophie.

    I have started my first detox today and i’m very much looking forward to the results!

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    I really do hope that you are going to be elaborating a little more on this issue.
    I would like a little more information.

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      Lemon Detox

      Hi Manie – what issue would you like us to elaborate on? V happy to pass on any info I can…

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    Hi there

    I’ve had an amazing experience on the Lemon Detox. I’ve been following it in conjunction with the 4:3 regime and so far i’m feeling amazing (week 3). Does anyone else follow this in conjunction with a regime like this for a longer period? I’d love to know a bit more about the long term benefits.

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    Hi Manie

    Just to fill you in, im still going strong on my 5:2 regime in combo with the Lemon Detox. In fact, i have lost 3/4 stone since my last post and feel really good… better than i have in years in fact. I feel energised, my skin is glowing and i feel like i’m really doing something good for myself in terms of my health.

    I may try to incorporate some exercise now on my eating days as i have read that a structured programme of fasting and exercise combined gets better results than fasting on its own. I guess it’s good to keep fit anyway so i’m going to start running on my eating days. I have 2 more stone to lose to get down to my goal weight of 9.5 stone. I have lost 2 clothes sizes since i started this programme. It is definitely working for me!

    Shout if you want any more info or guidance on this and i’ll be happy to help!

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    Elizabeth Jones

    A lemon can pack a powerful punch with some amazing benefits. It keep your digestive system good and helps in losing weight.

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    As I chceck this kind of detoxing on my body I can say that YES it is working but for such a short way. Better option is choose natural Fibre Primvital which recomended me my close friend. Its working for a long way, and making your organism clean and healthly. Check this products on colonotherapy.co.uk

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    I got this product and I started today my day 1 . My plan is to use it for 10 days with no food just water , detox and the tea at night. and when I finish from my detox i will start a healthy diet. What do you think is it good to fast for 10 days and have only this detox? i need a fast result so tell me plz what is the best. thank you

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      Lemon Detox

      Hi Cherine – ten days is a long time to fast if you have never done it before. It’s possible but you must listen to the signs of your body. Everyone is different so we always recommend that you check with your doctor / healthcare provider before embarking on any sort of fast. It’s also advisable to ease yourself into a fast if you can, giving up things like coffee and alcohol well before, as that will ease things during the fasting period. If done right, and your body responds positively, then fasting can be a great way to kickstart a new healthy eating regime, as it should leave you questioning how much you really need to consume each day, and what are the best foods for you to eat. Hope this helps…

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